Friday, July 23, 2010

Some good things

Here's a little update for you. As far as internet goes, this town sucks. Some people came out to install it today only to let me know that it wouldn't be possible because there are too many tall trees around our apartment to receive the satellite signal. Damn it!! So now we have to go with this other company to get DSL but they also force you to get a land line phone as well for additional $30/mo. F-you internet companies!!!

Other than that it was a lovely week. We went rafting down the Colorado River near Glenwood Springs, sat in actual hot springs along the river, and saw a family of 3 mountain lions on the way home. Absolutely amazing!! Camilo's company (SEI) and his co-workers are all turning out to be fantastic so that's good. The weather is slightly less hot this week, and this weekend we will consider purchasing a real bed. Hooray!!! No more air mattress!!!

And now I'm being kicked out of the library because it's closing. I hate internet companies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

We have arrived.

Alright, quick update. I have to use the internet at the library because we've yet to figure out where to go to actually get internet at our apartment. My cell phone barely works here so don't bother calling. I'm pretty much dead to the world right now.

Anyway, Paonia is chock full of real hippies, poser rastafarians, mexican immigrants, and organic "farmers" (although I suppose they could be counted in with the hippies). It's super hot and sunny here everyday. Occasionally it will sprinkle for 5 minutes and then be hot and sunny again. The town is small and strange. Yesterday they had the World Cup Final playing at the local movie theater for free so we were able to watch that with a strange mix of people and their children. This town is also full of very small children.

I'm not sure what to think of this place yet. The locals seem eager to meet us and very friendly. People keep telling us that we'll love it here and that's it's an amazing place to live. I think they have a different perspective and a different way of life than us though... Well, at least this place is cheerful. I just need to find some new hobbies.