Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm bored...story of my new life

I have nothing better to do so I guess I'll update this thing. I hate writing blogs.

Anyway, no job as of yet. And the only openings are at the coal mines for things like "Underground coal miner" and scary things like that which I am NOT about to do (even though they get paid something like $24/hr). When there are regular job openings, everyone within a 60 mile radius applies and there's always someone who has a better connection than you. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA with my B.A. dammit!!!! How can you not hire me for a position that only requires a GED?!?!? Not to mention I'm totally charming and lovable...right?

Whatev, I'm in the process of getting my Colorado certification to be a substitute teacher. That may take 10 more weeks to process, and then I can apply to the county. This takes forever! But it's not like I have anything else going for me so I might as well do it. Plus, I think subbing could be at least mildly enjoyable with decent pay, and taking vacation days won't be an issue.

Besides the job search my life is a complete waste of time at the moment. I've been exercising and cleaning like a madwoman, 5 days a week. That's all I have in this town. My highlights of the day include checking our mailbox (which is usually empty, but sometimes not!), and having lunch with Camilo for a measly 30 minutes. Weekends are not much better but at least then I have some company.

I am SO incredibly excited for my brother's wedding in 2 weeks. I'll get to see the WHOLE family in Michigan (a rare treat). Then my parents should be coming here with the rest of my stuff. I miss my couch!! After that I don't think I'll have anything to look forward to until December when we should be going to Bolivia for Christmas. Yay! I'm super excited for that but it will be a little sad to miss my family's Christmas for the first time ever. Ah well...

Ok, I'm done :)

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skip 2 colorado said...

Hope you're surviving the strange and mystical world of Paonia.
I'm a CA transplant...there are days when I find this town delightful, and times when it seems as gossipy and bent as high school. It's a beautiful location-and full of charm, but can sure take some getting used to.
Enjoyed your blog... a few months after I landed here, I felt like such a fish out of water, the only thing I could do was write about it. (you're right-the internet service sucks...when I gave them my address, the customer service rep actually laughed as he looked us up on his map)
Anyway- good luck...