Monday, May 24, 2010

I don't feel like titles.

Today it got up to 92 degrees here. Crazy warm! This has been the most unusual spring/summer. It feels normal! I didn't even get a snow storm in April, and May has been totally gorgeous. I had to break out my hot weather clothing that's been wasting away in the bottom of my drawer for two years. It's not nearly as fun though without anyone here to enjoy it with me. Damn it boyfriend! Why do you have to be in Colorado when we actually have summer weather?

Well, the good/interesting news of Camilo being out there is that he has a potential job offer from the Solar Energy International place in Paonia, CO. Which is amazing! They told him to apply because they love him so much. At first when he told me I was totally disappointed about not moving to Dayton. I mean, yes, I kind of hate Ohio but I'd really pumped myself up about all the positive aspects of moving there like proximity to family (relative to here anyway), less snow, more job opportunities, potential for grad school, nearby dance companies and studios...all kinds of stuff. So when I heard that we may have to move to a town that's smaller and more isolated sounding than Houghton, well...I wasn't exactly overcome with joy. I'm getting used to the idea though. It would be really great for Camilo, and I will figure out something to do. It would probably only be for a year anyway, and it looks like a very beautiful, adventurous kind of place. I'll feel like I'm in the Wild West!

Life with my Bolivian is unpredictable to say the least, and I kind of love that, even though it often drives me insane :)

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Kaye said...

Colorado is beautiful. You'll be close to K-Roth!