Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bad weather! Go lie down!!

June 7 2009


Three-hour lectures are not my cup of tea. Yes, EU enlargement policy and how to get into the EU is all fascinating but not for three hours at a time. Basically this guy went through a little history of the EU, what it does, and how it takes in other countries, along with some of the problems it and it’s members face when becoming part of the EU. Mostly stuff I’d already heard. I tried to pay attention and take notes for the first hour but I have to admit, after that I just started choreographing dances and thinking of new formations in my head…made the time go by a little faster. I’m always interested in Turkey’s situation trying to join the EU though so I did listen a little to that part. I like to describe the EU more as a club than a federation of some sort, or maybe even a gang could be a good description. A bunch of little punks who, alone, are not so tough but combined have lots of power and influence. There are also all kinds of initiation activities you have to go through in order to join and you have to be a certain kind of country that they like or that they think is just like them. Kind of snobbish and cliquey if you ask me. But whatever, I guess it’s not my union.

Anywho, after that thrilling adventure we a walking tour of the city. Although the weather was rather grey, rainy, windy, and cold…it was ok. Tartu is a very beautiful city with lots of green spaces, fountains, parks, and flowers in all the windows of exquisitely preserved 18th and 19th century buildings. It’s quite a lot smaller (and cheaper) than Tallinn so it makes for easy walking and shopping. I’ve also had better food here so far but maybe that’s just luck or I’m finally learning how to order things that sound good.

Overall a good day, minus the weather and the lecture…Ok so the tour was alright and that’s about it. But we did get a lot of free time today which is always good. 

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