Sunday, July 12, 2009

I like Saunas

June 11 2009

Staying at the Jurna Tourist Farm in Saaremaa is like a nice mini vacation for us this weekend. It’s been so relaxing being out here after all the lectures, museums, and continuous walking everywhere. This morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast and then took off on the bus to go to a castle tour. The castle was a huge 14th century, medieval building, which has been pretty much untouched throughout the years. It’s in really great condition because they never had any major battles there. Apparently all the castles in England and such places have been totally rebuilt. It was cool to be inside one that was completely original and unchanged.

After that we visited a very uneventful and unimpressive windmill place. I’m not sure why we went there. We also visited a small round lake/crater created by a meteor, and a medieval church, which was kind of interesting. Then I went back took a nap, took a sauna, and now I’m relaxing for the rest of the evening. This place is really beautiful and I think I’ll be just a little bit sad to leave it tomorrow. It’s been nice to enjoy nature, and the countryside of Estonia.

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